Edinburgh couples photography

Hi guys. This time i have very special story for you. Around month ago I photographed Lee and Sharzad one of my favourite spots, on Gullane beach. They came for nice memorable Edinburgh couples photography session. Lee was about to deploy to Afghanistan and they decided to create romantic and fun portraits together. I love to photograph couples, there is always so much chemistry going on and even most shy guys, always open up and do so silly things for me. Love to find out more about their lives and build good relation ships. Who knows, we might meet in the future again, just maybe for different reasons.

Here is a little story Sharzad wrote for me about themselves.

We originally met 5 years ago, this is when we had our first date. However this didn’t quite go as you would have expected, we weren’t really interested in each other, well i wasn’t really interested in Lee to be honest (I am sure he liked me haha) I was 18 and Lee was in the Army so I found that a bit daunting to be honest. As both our friends ended up hooking up and actually getting engaged, this meant Lee and I where always part of each others lives, which suited me quite nicely as we had became really good mates ourselves. We used to chat almost every day via “Facebook Chat” nothing too exciting more everyday chat and often wed talk about how much wed love to move away from Edinburgh and see other places etc. Over this time we started our own relationships, however when they turned sour it was Lee I turned too, we had become even closer as friends when we where asked to be our mates Bestman and Maid of Honour.
To me it was kind of out of no where, this seriously strong attraction was growing and I had no control over it, I knew how much I could trust Lee already and we always had such good banter with each other that just seemed to get better. We started a relationship quietly at the beginning of this year and I can tell you 8 months later i have fallen hook line and sinker for him, I believe we were meant to become such good friends to help us have such a strong loyal relationship. Finally i know what it means to really love someone and show them loyalty and commitment and i hope i can show that to him each day while he is on his third tour of Afghanistan, he has been away for 3weeks now and i cant tell you hard it is to be away from him, however this will only make us stronger.
This is the main reason for our photo shoot, we wanted to have something special for us both to share while Lee was away, so they could show our intimit and fun side. We where blown away with the result and can not thank Armands enough for working with us; we have photos that will last us a life time.
Here is few images from their session. Really happy for them and wish Lee for safe home coming soon.

Edinburgh couples photography

Edinburgh couples photography
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Loved this session so much that it was extremely hard to choose images for guys.
 There were few tears and very emotional moments while we were watch this slideshow, but Lee and Sharzad are meant to be for each other. I’m so happy that I got the chance to meet with them and to get to know them better. Thank you for choosing me as your photographer, means world to me.
I hope to see you sometime in future and see how are you getting on.

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