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Are you searching for an elopement photographer in Edinburgh or planning a small wedding in one of the scenic places in Scotland? Unlocking the raw joy and genuine connections between couples on their elopement day. With over a decade of experience in photographing weddings, my heart is now wholly devoted to crafting beautiful stories for couples like you.

I find elopements reveal the most authentic version of yourselves and the profound affection you share. Elopements, in particular, hold a special place in my heart, as they allow for a level of personalization and connection between you two that goes beyond the ordinary.

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Hello there, I’m Armands.

I’ve been a professional elopement photographer since 2010, and I’ve been honoured to work with many wonderful couples during that time.

Forget the script, chuck the guest list, and ditch the stuffy expectations. Your elopement is all about two wild hearts chasing epic memories, and I’m here to be your personal hype team and memory magician.

Climb Arthur’s Seat as the city awakens, enjoy latte art in a cosy Edinburgh cafe and scream with joy as you run barefoot on the sand at Gullane Beach. We’ll ditch the cheesy grins and capture the real you: the messy hair, the windblown laughter, the way your eyes sparkle when you steal a glance at your beloved.

I’m not about stiff poses and forced smiles. I’m about playful prompts, spontaneous adventures, and capturing the raw, unfiltered joy of your love story. I’ll be there, snapping away and preserving your memories to enjoy many years down the line.



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We always lived for each other, embracing a love and all the challenges what comes with it. The idea of a grand wedding, with a sea of familiar faces from our distant past, didn’t resonate with us. Having witnessed hundreds weddings through photography and the accompanying stress, the idea of such an event didn’t align with our vision. Documenting the experiences is one thing, but truly living it is totally something else.

Back then, the term ‘eloping’ wasn’t on our radar. We had a few clear preferences. We aimed to relish the moment, just the two of us and our little one, with a day free from commotion and filled with relaxed joy. We chose to keep our plans from our parents, leading to some drama later on. Yet, looking back, we believe they now understand why we opted for this unconventional path. With a loose plan in place, the big day arrived.

My wife chose a simple white dress, and I rented my suit (which, amusingly, wasn’t ready when I arrived to pick it up). Rings in our pockets, we headed to the registry office, accompanied by a friend on each side. There was no fuss, no rush, just a day enjoyed between us. We explored various spots, concluding the day on the beach, basking in the beauty of a sunset. It was a day beyond our expectations, a day for me and my love.

Elope on your terms.

Based on our own experience, I can wholeheartedly recommend following your instincts and creating a day that aligns with your true dreams, rather than adhering to suggestions from Pinterest or other wedding experts. You are unique, and so should be your wedding day. My only regret now is not hiring a professional photographer, a realization that seems quite foolish in hindsight. At the time, we feared it might introduce additional challenges, but now we recognize it would have been absolutely fine. I wish we had better portraits capturing our story from that day—visually narrating our happiness in a more compelling way.

Our alternative plan is to renew our vows with our children by our side. This provides us with another opportunity to dress up and relish in a special day :)

As you can see I definitely can say we have been through thought process here. I have always loved the idea of capturing couples and their connections. Keeping everything chilled and fun. Just you and your LOVE.