Secret Proposal Photographer Edinburgh

Imagine this:

You’ve got her hand in yours, strolling through the Edinburgh. You know exactly where to lead her, we have spoken about the beautiful spot. You have arrived “Worth stopping for, isn’t it?” you casually suggest. She turns, eyes sparkling with the city’s magic, then back to you, drawn by an unspoken silence. There you are, on one knee, the box open, revealing a promise brighter than the sun. Her breath catches, a tear shimmering in her eye as she sees the ring. “Yes!” she whispers, and the world shrinks to just the two of you, wrapped in the echo of her “Yes.”

Proposal Photographer Edinburgh 1

You bask in the afterglow of “Yes!” for a blissful moment, and then a joyous shout breaks the silence. You turn to find me, a silent witness to your “Yes.” Your secret surprise is out, but the magic doesn’t stop there.

A few minutes later, after countless hugs and stolen kisses, you walk hand-in-hand, Edinburgh buzzing around us. I’ll be your guide, capturing your joy in stunning portraits of the two of you. And through it all, there’s laughter, there’s tears, there’s the sheer joy of celebrating this new chapter in your love story.

Ready to pop the question? Edinburgh awaits, let’s create a proposal story worthy of a magical memory you’ll cherish forever. And who knows, maybe one day, you’ll return to this very spot, hand in hand, celebrating anniversaries.

Chris’s proposal experience

“When it came to selecting a proposal photographer to capture the magic of our proposal, we couldn’t have made a better choice than A-Fotografy. From the very first moment we contacted them to the final delivery of our stunning photos, the experience was nothing short of exceptional.

He had an amazing ability to make us feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. Their guidance and direction were subtle, allowing us to be ourselves while capturing those spontaneous, genuine moments of love and laughter.

One thing that stood out was their attention to detail. Every shot, every angle, and every lighting choice was carefully thought out.

Armands exceeded our expectations in every way. He’s not just a talented photographer but also a wonderful person who genuinely cares about their clients and their craft. Their passion for photography shines through in every image they capture.

Thank you for making our secret proposal photo shoot a truly unforgettable experience. “




Amazing! You have arrived here and taken the first step in planning your secret proposal in Edinburgh.
Please explore this page as you will find most questions here like prices, location ideas, check out FAQ sections too.


Check out my Edinburgh Proposal Locations guide and decide which location you like the best. Or if you have your own idea, I am all ears :)


Contact me to discuss further. Use the contact form on this page.


To book your proposal date, you will pay 50% and the rest upon delivery of portraits.
Remember that closer to the date, we will keep an eye on the weather and might have some flexibility if it turns out to be a very wet day. That is Edinburgh for you :)

Watch these secret proposal videos to get some ideas.

Edinburgh Arthur’s Seat Proposal

“Armands was a fantastic Photographer! I hired him for my proposal on top of Arthur’s seat and he was very on top of it, literally! After I proposed (which was captured beautifully) he revealed himself to us and we had a lovely chat. Afterwards he had us pose around Arthur’s seat. We did a photo shoot for around 45min to an hour and he came up with lots of great ideas for shots that we really loved. Fantastic photographer and a really nice guy! A+”

Here is a little backstage clip I made while I was pretending to be a tourist taking photos in the Great Hall at Edinburgh Castle.

That’s me in the grey jacket.

This is a very romantic idea for those who would like to have a proposal with a historic flavour.

Edinburgh Locations for Proposals

I have made a whole blog post talking about various locations around Edinburgh City. Those would be the most obvious locations. I am now working on a list of more off-beaten-path locations.

Here is the blog post about Edinburgh locations.

Edinburgh proposal locations list

Can I propose outside of Edinburgh?

Of course, you can. I love this city as it gives you sooo many options for great places. You have beautiful Gullane Beach in East Lothian. Fan of HillWalking, awesome, you have Petland Hills to go for a walk and pop the question. Want a bit of more Castle feel, visit near by Dalhousie Castle. By the way, they make nice food there too :)
You also have amazing South Queensferry with its awesome heritage Forth Bridge. Or you can simply go for a walk in the countryside and we can pick some spots along the trail.
Outdoor possibilities are endless.

Proposal Photo Session Gallery


Tell me as much as possible. Where planning to propose or do an engagement session? When are you planning to do this? Any special details you would love to share?
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Edinburgh City proposal sessions are fixed price of £300 and this would include the proposal and around 45 min photo session with us walking around your chosen location and taking some more awesome portraits of two of you. This also would give you digital copies which would be delivered to you via a downloadable gallery.

If you planning to propose outside the city, then you should add extra time. I charge £150 per hour. Depending on how far you would like to go, we can discuss the costs further.


Yeap, Edinburgh can be unpredictable, however, local forecasts can be generally trusted. The night before the big day, I would check the forecast to make a decision if we should shift the time or if possible, pick a different day.
In terms of indoor locations, we are pretty limited in what we can do. Bear in mind that on rainy days indoors packet with people anyway. Or we just get see-through umbrella and enjoy the city :)

Most of the proposals I do are in Edinburgh, but I would travel in around an hour’s radius. This would be charged at an additional travel charge. Ask further to discuss

Sorry, I don’t. It would be pretty hard to hide with a massive flower bunch :)

Once you are ready to book, I will send you an invoice for 50% of the total payment. The second part of the payment you would pay upon delivery of portraits.

It really depends on how much are we moving about and how is the weather, but pretty much always you would get anywhere from 50-70 shots per hour.