Hello everyone. I have a little quiet time and catching up on my summer wedding blogging. Today I want to share with you Gillian’s and Gary’s Archerfield House wedding. We had an amazing plan what we will be doing on the day and tried many ideas during our pre wedding planning session. You can see their pre wedding photography session here. I wish all would go as we planned, but unfortunatily on the day weather didn’t play the ball and we had very wet day.

This will be great example that even on rainy wedding day you can have nice photos.

wedding photography Archerfield House-013

Archerfield House wedding photos

This was my first time at the venue and I was really looking forward to explore my possibilities here. I love how they have access to the waterfront, have nice forest type of garden and the houses are awesome. Reminds me a lot Scandinavian style with a Scottish twist. The sizes of the getting ready houses for both boys and girls, are just enormous. Loads of space just to sneak away and have a quiet time away. Ballroom has great twinkle light ceiling and serves as great backdrop for those beautiful first dance shots.

The day started with beautiful and emotional getting ready part. Gillian kept it together well until her dad came in and we had to have a little minute to calm down. Even for me it was very touching and special. I calmly stepped out and just observed.

Archerfield House wedding photos-001 Archerfield House Estate wedding-002

Archerfield House Estate wedding-001 Archerfield House wedding getting ready-004 Archerfield House Estate wedding-003

Archerfield House Estate wedding-004

Archerfield House Estate wedding-005

Archerfield House Estate wedding bridal-001

Archerfield House Estate wedding bridalArcherfield House Estate wedding bridal-002

Archerfield House Estate wedding bridal-002-2

Archerfield House wedding photographers

Meanwhile boys had good time getting photos done while they were walking around pine tree forest. You could see that Gary was quiet nervous, but at the same time really happy. Boys looked after him very well.

Archerfield House wedding photography-001

Archerfield House wedding photography-002

Archerfield House wedding photography-004

Archerfield House wedding photography-003 Archerfield House wedding photography Archerfield House wedding photographer-001 Archerfield House wedding photographers-001

Ceremony was held at Dirleton Kirk. Everything was going on time. Solar weddings was there to film the day and it was my pleasure to work with them for the first time.

Archerfield House Estate weddings-001 Archerfield House wedding photography-002-2

Archerfield House wedding photography-003-2

Archerfield House wedding photography-004-2

Archerfield House wedding photography-005

Archerfield House wedding photography-006

Archerfield House wedding photography-007

Archerfield House wedding photography-008

Archerfield House wedding photography-009

Archerfield House wedding photography-010

Archerfield House wedding photography-012

Archerfield House wedding photography-011

Archerfield House wedding photography-013

Archerfield House wedding photography-014

Archerfield House wedding photography-015

Archerfield House wedding photography-016

We stayed behind and created more beautiful images around the Kirk. Rain was slowly dribbling, but it didn’t stop guys to be happy and still enjoy the day. I loved their vibe, no mooning and just deal with it approach. Awesome.

wedding photography Archerfield House-001

wedding photography Archerfield House-002

wedding photography Archerfield House-003

Archerfield House wedding photography-2 wedding photography Archerfield House-005

Archerfield House wedding photography-017

Archerfield House wedding photography-018

Archerfield House wedding photography-019

Archerfield House wedding photography-020

wedding photography Archerfield House-004

wedding photography Archerfield House-006

You can see that we did a little bit of traditional wedding photography and also we had a little bit of more relaxed posed photos. By now I was praying that rain would stop and we would have access to the waterfront at the Archerfield to do more edgy wedding photos.

On the way to the venue I had an idea to stop at the main house and do few photos there. Rain was not stopping and I had a feeling that there is no way to get to the beach :( Wind was picking up and getting quiet nasty. Anyhow we managed to do few more photos at the main house.

wedding photography Archerfield House-007

wedding photography Archerfield House-008

wedding photography Archerfield House-009

wedding photography Archerfield House-010

wedding photography Archerfield House-011

I was really looking forward to finally arrive to Archefield House wedding venue and get some images done there. When I first time arrived there, I saw those beautiful pine trees. I had car arrival image in my mind so I asked driver to make one more stop before the venue. In middle of those trees. I just loved that spot so much. I had a great vision image there and it fully came live when I saw that car to roll into my photography spot.

wedding photography Archerfield House-012

wedding photography Archerfield House-014

wedding photography Archerfield House-016

wedding photography Archerfield House-017

wedding photography Archerfield House Estate-001It was a bit chilly so guys had to do lots of hugging :) I had another vision shot where Gary would hold the dress and pine tree spot was great for it as well.

After this we just went straight to the venue. By then we already new that weather is not good to go to the beach so we would spend rest of the time at the actual venue.

We planned to do group photos outside, but now it was out of the window so I had to act fast to figure out what I will be doing about that. Me and venue staff quickly rearranged furniture and made a little spot where we could do some photos. I was happy with it and we had great group photos time.

wedding photography Archerfield House Estate-002

wedding photography Archerfield House Estate-001-2

wedding photography Archerfield House Estate-003

wedding photos Archerfield House Estate-005 wedding photos Archerfield House Estate-008

Speeches kicked off and I actually enjoyed Gillian’s dads funny speech. Everyone was laughing like crazy :)

Archerfield House Estate wedding photos -001

Archerfield House Estate wedding photos -002

Archerfield House Estate wedding photos -003

Archerfield House Estate wedding photos -004

Before we knew it, it was time for evening entertainment. I must say I haven’t seen such a great evening singer for a while. I wasn’t sure who this guy was, but it looked like a friend of family. OMG he definitely knew how to work the crowd. Walking around, getting everyone involved. It was just wild. You can see this in photos as well. I can find out for you who this guy is. He was only doing bit before the first dance. Couple actually had a band, but he wasn’t part of it.

Archerfield House Estate wedding photos

Before we cut the cake and went fro first dance, I wanted to take guys out for quick 5 min brake. We run to the boathouse and quickly took few photos on the balcony. We didn’t have more time to play with, but I still love these sea view images as well.

Archerfield House Estate wedding photos -005

Archerfield House Estate wedding photos -006

Archerfield House Estate wedding photos -007

Archerfield House Estate wedding photos -008

Back to the venue for the first dance. I love the ceiling at this venue. Gives such a nice feel in photos. Like under the stars.

Archerfield House Estate wedding photographer-007

Archerfield House Estate wedding photographer-001

Archerfield House Estate wedding photographer-005

Archerfield House Estate wedding photographer-006

Archerfield House Estate wedding photographer-008

I wanted to create few more images for guys and used everything what I could make this happen. Was planning to return to the forest and create one of my sparkler shots, but it was solo dark, that I could see anything. No joking, pitch black outside.

Archerfield House Estate wedding photographer-002

Archerfield House Estate wedding photographer-003

Archerfield House Estate wedding photographer-004

Thank you all for coming along to look trough the post. You can see that even when the day might not be the most amazing sunshine day, we still managed to create some beautiful wedding photography for Gillian and Gary. Big congratulations to them and I wish them all the best.

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