Broxmouth park wedding venue
Broxmouth park wedding venue. East Lothian.

I’m known for my slightly quirky approach to wedding photography and I love working with couples who are more adventurous.

Watch this video to get a full walkthrough of the venue and ideas for different photo possibilities.

Today I’m going to walk you through Broxmouth Park wedding venue. One of my favourite wedding venues in East Lothian. I have photographed numerous weddings there and I think this walkthrough photography guide will be helpful for couples who are either looking to book or have already booked Broxmouth Park as their wedding venue.

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The focus of this piece will be on photography possibilities and the various locations around the venue where you could get your portraits done. The venue provides so many options that it can be a bit overwhelming to decide what exactly each location offers photography-wise.

Broxmouth Park wedding venue review

“ Ever since my very first wedding at Broxmouth Park, I have loved the place. Simon (the owner) takes good care of you and if there are any special requests or ideas, he is always completely supportive. The hospitality and food is top-notch.
The number of photography opportunities is really important, a way to achieve a variety of portraits. My wedding couples are usually looking for interesting and fun portraits and Broxmouth provides a good way to live up to those expectations.
I look forward to working with Broxmouth for many years. They are always exciting. ”

Main house

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The house itself is a stylish Scottish country mansion, with a beautiful interior and plenty of good light for bridal portraits. You can easily find different spots around the house where it is quiet, providing a great opportunity to take portraits away from the crowd. Sometimes during the getting ready stage, this can also provide a welcome five minutes of peace and quiet.

There are two house levels and I usually work between them. We get the detailed shots done, and then once the ladies are ready I offer them the chance to move upstairs to get portraits done in a better light.

Head gardener’s cottage

As well as getting ready in the main house, there are also a couple more options. The gents can hire the Head Gardener’s Cottage , which is a beautiful little cottage that makes a great background for their photos.

Bridge House

The ladies also have the option to hire Bridge House. This is pretty spacious and has plenty of room for everyone to find a corner. I love the fact that it is very secluded from the main house and you don’t need to worry about being accidentally seen by passing wedding guests. This is a great option if you have a slightly larger morning party.

You can also use the main house for small weddings, making it perfect for those more intimate weddings. The main house also provides an ideal back-up in case of rain. I have never experienced rain at this venue, but the wedding couple’s portraits could easily look amazing taken in the main house.

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Outdoor Wedding ceremonies

Want to have an awesome backdrop for your outdoor ceremony?

I love how secluded the outdoor ceremonies are, surrounded by trees and nature. This is a really intimate and personal space that gives couples an extra opportunity to really connect with each other and the people they care about.

You could also have a ceremony on the main steps.

Main grounds

The grounds around the house provide various different opportunities for wedding photos. The staircase can be used for official group photos or couple photos.

There is a range of open space and shaded areas where you can hide away from bright sunlight. This is the perfect place to set out those field games or for the kids to run around.

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Broxmouth Park Wedding Venue Grounds

Forest photography location

You also have the option to head into the forest for some rather more mood-lit portraits. If your wedding is in May, the wild garlic is in bloom and the whole place looks beautiful. Although it will also smell a bit garlicky, I’d definitely recommend these shots.

At the end of the summer, it’s perhaps a better idea to head to one of the other locations for the portraits as it can become pretty bare in the forest around this time and the ground is brown. This is visible in the video as well.

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Lake Photo Location

The lake area is a great alternative to seaside wedding portraits. It is also a beautiful and rare addition to a wedding venue, giving you that extra option to get a wide variety of wedding couple portraits.

If the weather is a bit windy or rain is coming on, I would definitely recommend the lake over the beach. If there is a little wind at the venue then on the beach it will be tenfold windier. You can see this in the video too.

It’s also possible to rent the lake cottage, complete with hot tub. This is a wonderful extra for those who want to chill out away from everything, providing a beautiful view and nature’s pure tranquillity.

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Use Whitesands Bay Beach for your wedding photos.

Whitesands Bay Beach is just a five-minute drive away from Broxmouth Park, making for a great addition if the weather is good and you’d like to get away from the crowd. Couples love heading out there and finally spending a moment with each other.

I tend to leave the couple to walk for a bit and talk to each other. This may be the first time during the wedding day that you’re able to enjoy some fresh air and each other’s company.

The beach offers a few options for wedding photos. You have the rocky part of the beach and, if the tide is low (tide checker), there are more exposed rocks. This is a great vantage point to get a lot of sky in too.

Broxmouth park wedding venue walkthrough 60

This is a very wide beach, with its white sand and plenty of space for a good walk or run. I tend to take some wide shots here and a few close-ups as you walk.

The long grassy area can also provide us with some beautiful textures and especially if the sun is low it looks gorgeous. I have even taken images with a couple lying on the ground.

Broxmouth park wedding venue walkthrough 76

I would strongly recommend checking the timings if going to the beach: when the sun is setting (Sunset timings), when the tide is out etc. And also try to visit the beach before that. During summertime, I’d suggest visiting the beach after the wedding meal, when the sun is low and the light is nice and soft.

I have also taken photos on the beach straight after the church ceremony. Before heading to Broxmouth Park we went straight to Whitesands Bay Beach. This worked well too. It all depends on your timeline.

The Broxmouth Park venue provides such a range of opportunities, but hopefully, this piece has given you a bit of guidance and helped with making those photograph decisions. I will keep adding here if I think of anything else.

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