Edinburgh is a romantic destination at its heart, which makes it the perfect place to propose and to have an engagement photoshoot. As a proposal and an engagement photographer, I have made this romantic places post to help you plan your special occasion.

Today we will look at the most romantic Edinburgh photography Locations to propose.

map of most romantic places to propose in Edinburgh

Hello! I am Armands and I have spent more than 10 years in the beautiful city of Edinburgh and I love it. Some of the best people I’ve ever met call this city their home. It’s also home to some of the world’s best scenery.

I’ve used my experience to compile a list of the most romantic places in Edinburgh to propose. The list will contain several unique Edinburgh photography locations. Each one will be just as beautiful and memorable as the last. At the end of the list will be a downloadable map that you can use to plan your romantic journey.

If you’re planning to propose to that special someone in your life and you’re looking for the perfect place to do so, then look no further. This list contains the most romantic places in Edinburgh and you won’t regret using any of them as the destination to pop the question.

As a professional photographer, I am always exploring the area and shooting in new locations. I may very well find new romantic destinations in the city that are worthy of this list. If I do, then I will return and update the list with the new locations.

You will see the selection of my wedding work and engagement photography work at these locations.

1. An Engagement At Calton Hill

Top romantic places to propose in Edinburgh. 1

Calton Hill Edinburgh is impossible to miss. It’s one of the first things that you’ll see if you decide to visit Edinburgh by train, which is a perfectly romantic way of travelling to a perfectly romantic city. Calton Hill is located beyond the end of Princess Street and is absolutely beautiful regardless of whether it is day or night. The elevation of the hill is ideal for an impressive photoshoot because you will be overlooking much of Edinburgh in the background.

The only possible disadvantage of Calton Hill is that it is a popular tourist attraction. It can get rather crowded depending on what time of the year you decide to visit. Even so, there are quite a few secret places tucked away where you won’t be bothered. Or you could even take the old fashioned route and have a picnic before asking the big question.

Check out my comprehensive photography location guide on Calton Hill here.

2. An Edinburgh Castle Proposal

When people think of Edinburgh one of the first things they picture is the remarkable Edinburgh castle. Of course, it’s impossible to visit this city without taking the time to visit the castle as well. It’s a great place for a proposal or for a photo shoot. You can contact Edinburgh Castle via weddings@hes.scot or phone up +44 (0)131 668 8686.

Edinburgh castle engagement photography
Edinburgh castle Minstrel Gallery secret proposal.

I’ve had the honour of managing many engagement photo shoots at or around the castle. Here is a video and some photos of a secret proposal that happened during February.

The best part is that all of the beauty is not confined to the castle. There are many great Edinburgh photography locations outside of the castle and in surrounding areas. Victoria Street is a beautiful destination filled with a number of small shops.

You can also venture away from the normal tourist routes to find hidden gems. Off to the side of the Camera Obscura is a secluded spot that is usually free of tourists. Most tourists are instead following the path down the Royal Mile. These hidden spots away from the tourists are always some of my favourite outdoor engagement photo ideas.

3. Arthur’s Seat

Arthur's Seat Proposal review for A-Fotografy

To some, it is a massive hill and to the rest, it is considered a mountain. A brave couple may be able to climb their way to the top of Arthur’s Seat, but it won’t be easy. Most people decide to stay lower in the areas known as the Salisbury Crags. Arthur’s Seat and the crags are such a great destination because they are removed from the commotion of the city. You have beautiful scenery in every direction, lungs full of fresh air, and you’re next to the person whom you love. What could be better?

engagement photography locations in Edinburgh - Arthur's seat

There are many places to visit along Arthur’s Seat depending on how high you’re willing to go. If you plan to stay low, then you should consider visiting in the evening time so that you can catch the sun setting with that special someone. It’s easily one of the most romantic places in Edinburgh to propose.

4. The Royal Mile

This is the main historic street of Old Town in Edinburgh. It leads from the gates of the castle to the palace gates. As you may have guessed, it’s exactly one mile long. You’ll find many possible proposal destinations along the mile. One of the most popular destinations is St. Giles Cathedral. The sides of the cathedral tend to be very secluded and it makes for an excellent background in any photo.

engaged couple running in front of St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh.

Even the cobbled street itself looks great. However, you might have a hard time actually seeing it if you’re visiting during peak tourist seasons. It can also be particularly crowded if you are visiting during one of the festivals. The streets are chaotic and it’s difficult to hear anything.

The National Museum is another place worth visiting if you are travelling the Royal Mile. You may not think of a museum as a romantic destination, but you’ll change your mind once you’ve stepped foot onto the rooftop. It’s a quiet destination with a beautiful view of the surrounding town. It’s definitely worth a visit even if you don’t propose at that spot.

5. The Circus Lane

This is a great place to visit if you enjoyed the cobbled streets of the Royal Mile. Circus Lane is fairly short so you’ll need to propose quickly or you’ll have moved on. After that, you can enjoy a walk along the river. Continue heading toward Stockbridge and then down a set of steps. You should find yourself near a river that leads to the Dean Village.

Outdoors engagement photo ideas around Edinburgh Circus lane

There are many great spots in Stockbridge, along the river, and in Dean Village. It feels like an entirely different world from the rest of Edinburgh. Not only are there beautiful destinations outside, but you also have many shops, cafes, and restaurants that look incredible on the inside.

6. The Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens is one of the most romantic places in Edinburgh if you really enjoy the outdoors. It is certainly one of my favourite Edinburgh photography locations. I’ve photographed many proposals in the area as well as actual weddings. You’re free to travel around the garden at your own pace and then ask the question when you feel the moment is right. It’s also not nearly as crowded as many of the other tourist spots in the city. However, you might run into one or two adventurous squirrels.

Edinburgh botanic gardens one of the romantic places in edinburgh to propose

7. The Portobello Beach

This list simply wouldn’t be complete without including outdoor engagement photo ideas near the water. I wanted to include Portobello beach as it is more central. It’s a very popular destination for engagements. You’ll also have access to some delicious food in the area. It does get pretty crowded during the summer months so plan accordingly.

Edinburgh photography locations for proposal photo shoot. Portobello beach

There is also a Cramond area with river walk too. You can easily make a good whole day venture to the area. I love it there and will do a separate blog posts about it.

There may be more locations added to this list in the future. Other great ideas include Blackford Hill, the Zoo, and Lauriston Castle.

The following link includes the downloadable map of the areas included in the list. I would love to photograph this special moment in your life once you’ve decided on the perfect location. Take a moment to visit my engagement photography page and contact me if you are interested.

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