balbirnie house hotel wedding photos-011Crazy moves, loads of laughter, like seriously LOADS and awesome couple. I couldn’t ask more while I was creating Balbirnie house hotel pre wedding photos for Stephen and Liana. They made my day and it was so entertaining to work with them.

This was my second visit to Balbirnie. I did a wedding there few years ago. I always loved this place. it gives lots of scoop for wedding photographers. Love exploring new ideas and trust me, I have a great plan for these guys.

Here is a little bit about Stephen and Liana.

” We met at a Burns supper organised by our employer.  Liana and I both used to work for the same law firm, me for the insurance litigation part and she as a trainee for the larger firm.  

We were sat quite by chance at the same table.  The person due to sit between us didn’t turn up so I swapped with their name tag so I could sit beside Liana.  We talked about the usual – Terry Pratchett, CERN… (?!?!).  When Liana mentioned her love of dinosaurs and sci-fi I was hooked.  
Then during the ceilidh Liana slipped on a spilled drink on the dance floor and fell flat on her face.  Still, after a “graceful” recovery (i.e. Liana pretended it hadn’t happened) we continued our ceilidh dance!  That’s part of the reason why we will be having a ceilidh at the wedding – I want to see if she can avoid falling again :)

Balbirnie is a place Liana’s family has been going for special occasions for decades.  In fact, four generations have been there.  We went round loads of other venues, but couldn’t find another which was as nice and had such good food.  Plus, my family is MAD for Bradan Rost salmon, having eaten it for a starter at Christmas for as long as I can remember.  So, Balbirnie’s own smoke house was another reason to choose there!  ” 

I like how Stephen mentions that he swapped place cards :) He had his eyes on you already Liana :)

During the photo sessions I can see what connects couples and how they interact with each other. I can say for sure that these guys are  over the moon about each other. There is lots of love and laughter.

Lets have a look on their photos and you will see what I mean.

balbirnie house hotel wedding photos-010

balbirnie house hotel wedding photos-012

balbirnie house hotel wedding photos-013

balbirnie house hotel wedding photos-014

balbirnie house hotel wedding photos-003

balbirnie house hotel wedding photos-004

balbirnie house hotel wedding photos-005

I think this set of images just sums up their experience with me. Here is few words they said about it.

” The pre-wedding shoot was brilliant fun.  It was great running around the grounds with you, watching you jump up on tables and climbing around in the bushes to get the best pictures.  We enjoyed it so much, we joined you and ended up one of the trees!  We really can’t wait for the wedding now.  It’s going to be great fun.” 

I just asked them to do walk or whatever they want to do and then all these jumps started to come up. Awesome :)

balbirnie house hotel wedding photos-006

balbirnie house hotel wedding photos-007

balbirnie house hotel wedding photos-001

balbirnie house hotel wedding photos-002

balbirnie house pre wedding photos-003

balbirnie house pre wedding photography-010

We also had our own personal stalker. That black cat was following us around and making sure we don’t do some wrong things. First he was following me and then when guys arrived he joined them too.

balbirnie house pre wedding photos-001

Loved this new swing addition. We challenged ourselves and tried to do something different with it. Love the result, and will see how this works during the wedding day.

balbirnie house pre wedding photography-001

This set of images is just awesome. Love how much connection there is and how much they love each other. In fact all over each other :) he he

balbirnie house pre wedding photography-015

balbirnie house pre wedding photographers-001

balbirnie house hotel pre wedding photos-008-2

balbirnie house hotel pre wedding photos-009-2

Balbirnie has  a nice courtyard. On the day there was a wedding fair so didn’t get to photograph outside properly, but I love how inside looks like too.

balbirnie house hotel pre wedding photos-010

balbirnie house hotel pre wedding photos-006-2

balbirnie house hotel pre wedding photos-007-2

balbirnie house hotel pre wedding photos-007

balbirnie house hotel pre wedding photos-006

balbirnie house hotel pre wedding photos-005

balbirnie house hotel pre wedding photos-008

balbirnie house pre wedding photographers-001-2

balbirnie house hotel pre wedding photos-009

balbirnie house hotel pre wedding photos-011

Now, this was an AWESOME discovery. We tried to make a shortcut to the front of the hotel and ended up here. I was like WOW, how did I not see this before. Pure gem. Let’s see if we can return there for a wedding photo too.

balbirnie house hotel pre wedding photos-012

balbirnie house pre wedding photographer-001

balbirnie house pre wedding photographer-004wedding photographer balbirnie house fife-005

wedding photographer balbirnie house fife-006

wedding photographer balbirnie house fife-002

A little bit more calm images. We need some of those too.

wedding photographer balbirnie house fife-007

wedding photographer balbirnie house fife-008

wedding photographer balbirnie house fife-009

wedding photographer balbirnie house fife-010

 I can’t wait now for their big day. This will be something very special. Look forward guys.
Thank you all for coming along to read their story and marvel at their images.
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