Hello all. Wedding season is officially open. I was super excited to kick off this Principal hotel Edinburgh wedding. I have never been here before. Had a fair bit of planning in my head and looked forward to try some new shots too.

Principal hotel Edinburgh Wedding Photos

Where to start on Aga and Mike. First, we met at the wedding show. Guys booked me then and I invited them for a tester shoot. You really get to know people when you photograph them. You see all their quirky sides. These two were just giggling away. Oh my god, we had so much fun :)

I loved the fact that they connected so well. They knew how to pull the best out of each and the overload of smiles were coming very naturally. I love how Aga scrunching her nose when she has lots of laughs. Mike loves supporting Aga and I think no matter what life will kick at them, they are an awesome team to tackle it.

We had to do a bit of planning. If you are after some shots with foliage background, you have to go to the Queens street gardens. I was a bit concerned on how much time we have and if we would be able to do everything I planned.

Those of you who hire me, know that my mind can easily have a creative burst. I love to create little moments and capture those big grand images too. So I have to be super focused on the day to make sure I’m on time and deliver the best experience for couples.

Principal hotel Edinburgh Wedding Photos
Principal hotel Edinburgh Wedding Photos

Planning your wedding photography at Principal hotel Edinburgh?

Here is few key facts what I loved about this venue.

– It is Edinburgh centre venue and you can capture some city action. Walking on streets, have fun images on traffic lights etc

– The option of both city and garden too

– During summer month it would be amazing to get skyline image up in Forth View Suite. Amazing backdrop.

– Staff very much on the ball and easy going.

– Main room, of course, has amazing wow factor.

Few things to keep in mind. With so many options, you can easily be sidetracked and miss timeline deadlines. You have to be focused. For images in front of hotel, you have to be aware of stopping taxis and it can take a while to get images done.

Mr and Mrs Newsome wedding photos at Principal Hotel.

Few key suppliers from the day.

Wedding dress – Gwenne Wedding Services

Hair and Make up – Lindsay Cruickshank  lcbellebridal@gmail.com

Wedding cake/cupcakes – Mimi’s Bakehouse

Mens Suits – Moss Bros. George Street, Edinburgh

Love Lights – Varrie, lovelightsscotland@hotmail.com

Call studio on 07850209999 to find out if I’m available for your date or email to hello@a-fotografy.co.uk. 

Looking for a wedding photographer? Check this little guide I made for couples who are not sure what to expect or ask their wedding photographer. Should give you plenty of information to start with.

What to ask wedding photographer guide

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