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I’m back home from one more beautiful wedding at the Broxmouth park.   If you are planning your wedding at Broxmouth, please check my full  Broxmouth park Wedding Photo Guide  to see how your photos could look at the different locations around the venue. Also there is a video walk through. 

Sunglasses, sun, surfing couple and some striking evening photos. It was all part of this day.

During pre-wedding tester session, we had some fun on the beach and did some nice images around the estate too. We had a surfboard with us, and we were playing with some ideas. Broxmouth Park is such an awesome wedding venue with so much to give. 

Dunbar Broxmouth Park wedding

I think that the tester session helped guys to get to know me a bit better and see how I work my magic. It is always great to get run trough and get that extra reassurance for couples :)
This morning I received a message from Danielle. I love what she said :) By the way, they were on the honeymoon.

” We are writing this with extreme jet lag and several bubbles have been consumed!! Hope it is ok…please let us know if it isn’t!!! Thanks again for being such a special part in our day….we cannot wait to see your unique art and hopefully you can photoshop out my grumpy sore feet smiles:) :) Please thank Daniela for us….you both are an awesome team!!! We want to see as many photos as possible so please don’t be afraid to bombard our emails with photos!! 

We love ya…. (God willing one day our future baby photographer) lol

Mr and Mrs Swan xo” 

It made me smile :) Love excited couples.

Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-042

To make slightly easier to understand how the day went, here is what Danielle and Iain said about it.

“Wow! What an incredible day. The best day of our life’s. After a nervous night sleep we started early. While Danielle was dealing with essential hair makeup and bubbles. Iain and the boys were in the forrest with the clay pigeon shooting. 

 Our service was stunning, better than we ever imagined. It is happened under the fantastic Tree with Martha’s Vineyard chairs, Sunflowers and sunshine everywhere, while the string quartet played some sweet music.
The day raced on and we just couldn’t slow. it down. We had a walk through the forest,  down to the lake and later over to the glorious beach.
More Champagne and back to our party for some giggles, speeches and catch-ups with the nearest and dearest. Food was exceptional and Iain’s craft beer was finished within the hour.

7 piece band, dancing, ceilidh, cheese, cake, happy tears, hugs, hog roast and sing alongs were all over in a flash.

The late night was capped off with some whiskey and piano back in the library of the Broxmouth Park.

Best day of our lives…No question!!! Just over way to quickly!”

Let’s go step by step and have a look on some gorgeous wedding photos. Like always this will be a bit long so keep scrolling down :)

Full wedding photography story at Broxmouth

Dunbar wedding photography-001Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-001

Danielle had a beautiful dress made by very talented Mette from Freja Fashion. Amazingly talented lady and definitely highly recommended.
Dunbar wedding photography-006wedding photography Dunbar-008

Boys were creating some serious noise. We went to have a look what’s going on. I left my second photographer Daniela to deal with all that noise and smoke :) She even got a chance to have a shot :) I think she is very proud now and definitely something to tell friends :)

Dunbar wedding photography-016wedding photography Dunbar-005wedding photography Dunbar-001Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-003Dunbar wedding photography-013Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-004
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-005
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-009
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-006
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-010
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-011
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-007
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-008
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-012
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-013
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-014
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-015
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-016
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-017
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-018
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-020
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-021
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-019
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-022
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-023
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-024
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-025
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-026
wedding photography Dunbar-011
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-027
wedding photography Dunbar-015
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-028
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-029
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-030
wedding photography Dunbar-017
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-031
wedding photography Dunbar-021
wedding photography Dunbar-019Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-033
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-032

Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-034
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-035
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-036
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-037
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-038
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-039
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-040

Asked Daniela to take some shots when I do some work. Not the most prettiest expression from me. Like my darling wife says, I can’t make a normal face for a photo :) Probably most difficult person to photograph.
Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-041
wedding photography Dunbar-024

Broxmouth East Lothian wedding photographer-043
wedding photography Dunbar-034
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-001
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-002
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-003
wedding photography Dunbar-037
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-004
wedding photography Dunbar-039Now. Day before the wedding I was wondering if guys are bringing surf board to the wedding too. We used it during our pre wedding session and wanted to use it again. Asked Iain and after looking at the awesome weather forecast, said definitely bring it. I think they thought that I’m kidding. Knowing me, I definitely will be up for something crazy silly :) Here I am, showing Danielle what to do :) he he Love how Iain is confused. What the heck this guy is up to :)
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-005
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-006
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-007
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-008

When I took this photo, I immediately knew this will be awesome. Love everything about it. Texture, dramatic sky and road leading into future. Beautiful classic portrait.
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-009

More silly behind the scenes shots of my doing some weird poses :)

Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-010

Here is our awesome final result of that weird running around. Actually really like it. Guys brought nice purple blanket and after rather tricky getting down to sleep, we have fantastic art piece.
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-011
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-012wedding photography Dunbar-042
They had one of most fastest pace first dances I have ever heard. I was very concerned when I heard it first time :) I was thinking that surely they need training for this kind of dance. Well… they did it darn well. I was very impressed. Great moves guys.
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-013
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-014

After that some more fast Scottish dancing.
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-015
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-016
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-017

Finished off evening with some pretty evening shots and was gutted that can’t do sparkler shots. It was far too bright to do slow motion shots. Still love this tree shot and house image is great too. Took my traditional big tree image too, but still need to do extensive edit on that. Guys wanted this to be up asap so I will be adding that later here.
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-018
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-019
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-020
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-022
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-023
Dunbar Broxmouth Park weddings-021

Thank you all for coming along. Fantastic wedding in great location. Thank you all Broxmouth Park staff for helping us and looking after us too.

Thank you Daniela for great second shooting for me and can’t wait to have another wedding in few days time.

Planning your own wedding day and want to know more about what to ask your photographer and how to choose one? Check this wedding couples guide I made to make your life a bit easier.

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