It was filled with lots of smiles and fun. May month outdoors wedding ceremony in Broxmouth Park.   

This certainly was an awesome day to remember. Today I want to share with you fantastic Broxmouth park wedding photos we did for Julie and Dave.

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Broxmouth park wedding photos

It was my first season-opening wedding. I was looking forward to Reiss wedding, mainly because they were planning to have an outdoors ceremony.

Up till last minute, we still didn’t know if this will be indoors or outdoors wedding. Weather was a bit funny, but I trusted Metoffice predictions. Kept saying to Julie, ” don’t worry, it will be awesome weather from 2 pm onwards”, and it was splendid weather. You could not ask for a better day.

Once again, Simon, the owner of the Broxmouth Park, took great care of the big day and everything was brilliantly organised. Love how couples get exceptional treatment from him, and everything is nicely personalised. I will say it again, one of my favourite boutique wedding venues in East Lothian.
The morning started with some pretty shots of kids and details. Don’t get very often to photograph little ones, but this was a great opportunity to create some cute shots.

broxmouth park wedding-004 broxmouth park wedding-008

wedding photos at broxmouth park-001
broxmouth park wedding-001 broxmouth park wedding-002-2 wedding photos at broxmouth park-003
wedding photos at broxmouth park-002 broxmouth park wedding-010 wedding photos at broxmouth park-008
wedding photos at broxmouth park-005
wedding photos at broxmouth park-004
broxmouth park wedding-016 broxmouth park wedding-019 broxmouth park wedding-015 wedding photos at broxmouth park-007
wedding photos at broxmouth park-006
wedding photos at broxmouth park-010
wedding photos at broxmouth park-009

I love these processional images. Kids enjoyed the walk. Sometimes you see those funny videos when kids run screaming or hideaway. These two knew exactly what is their job and did awesomely well :)
dunbar broxmouth park wedding-018
dunbar broxmouth park wedding-015
dunbar broxmouth park wedding-024
wedding photos at broxmouth park-011
wedding photos at broxmouth park-012 dunbar broxmouth park wedding-025 dunbar broxmouth park wedding-030 wedding photos at broxmouth park-013
wedding photos at broxmouth park-014
wedding photos at broxmouth park-015
wedding photos at broxmouth park-016

My second photographer Daniela did a great job with making nice group photo candids. She is definitely getting better at it and I love how she is evolving. Look forward to work with her this year too. dunbar broxmouth park wedding-033
wedding photos at broxmouth park-018
wedding photos at broxmouth park-017
wedding photos at broxmouth park-019
wedding photos at broxmouth park-020
wedding photos at broxmouth park-021
Broxmouth park wedding photos-001

One of the beautiful Broxmouth park features is the large tree. Most likely one of the most photographed tree in East lothian :) At least for me. Love to include it into the wedding photos. Broxmouth park wedding photos-003 dunbar broxmouth park wedding-047 Broxmouth park wedding photos-002
Broxmouth park wedding photos-004
Broxmouth park wedding photos-005
Broxmouth park wedding photos-007
Broxmouth park wedding photos-008
Broxmouth park wedding photos-009
Broxmouth park wedding photos-010
Broxmouth park wedding photos-011
Broxmouth park wedding photos-012

If you have a May wedding, you have to visit forest for some wild garlic photos. It was incredible how awesome it looked. Very defined smell too :)

Broxmouth park wedding photos-013
Broxmouth park wedding photos-014
Broxmouth park wedding photos-015
Broxmouth park wedding photos-016

This is the shot I was looking forward to create. We didn’t have time to make it super perfect, but I love it as it is. Great art piece for Dave and Julie.

Broxmouth park wedding photos-017

dunbar broxmouth park wedding-041 wedding broxmouth park-025

If you have a good weather day, please visit the beach. Broxmouth gives you an option to go to the lake or the beach. Or maybe both. I have done both, and I love both locations. I know it is very easy to kind of let it go and think that maybe you can leave it.

As a photographer, I love to get as many beautiful shots for couples as possible. Dave and Julie knew that if they hire me, they will have some work to do :) Every wedding I’m like a kid in a toy store. Can I have photos there, can we do this, please please please :) It is up to couples to decide to do it or it is enough posing for them :)

Broxmouth park house weddings-001
wedding broxmouth park-030
Broxmouth park house weddings-004
Broxmouth park house wedding-001
Broxmouth park house weddings-002
I just loooove this set of beach photos. Light was awesome and so soft. We were so lucky with this. Very happy me!!!!

Broxmouth park house weddings-003

Broxmouth park house weddings-005

Broxmouth park house weddings-006
Broxmouth park house weddings-007
Broxmouth park house weddings-008
Broxmouth park house weddings-010
Broxmouth park house weddings-009
Broxmouth park house weddings-011
Broxmouth park house weddings-012
Broxmouth park house weddings-013

As always some great evening shots too. Tried few new locations and did few shots I have done here before, but love coming back to them again.

Broxmouth park house weddings-014
Broxmouth park house weddings-015
Broxmouth park house weddings-016
Broxmouth park house weddings-018
Broxmouth park house weddings-019
Broxmouth park house weddings-017

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Reiss!!! Thank you again for choosing us as your wedding story tellers. Thank you for giving me freedom to create art for you and I bet one of these pieces will be on your wall. Thank you and hugs.

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